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Kelly Hood Art Studio Store

As a child growing up on the beautiful Dingle peninsula, I spent countless hours happily wandering through fields, crossing streams and playing with the animals on my Granny Mae's farm. I was always captivated with nature and animals. I’d like to think this love for animals and the Irish countryside can be found in my paintings. I am convinced that every animal has a different personality and my passion is to capture it in an honest way. Encouraged by family and friends to share my talent, I decided to open the door to my passion and share it with those that also have a love for animals and nature. I am passionate about all things Irish and all my artworks are created in an ethical and sustainable way. Can I give you an explanation of how I make my paints…Nowadays most of our paints and dyes are chemically mass-manufactured. Personally, I have never enjoyed working with turpentine or with plastic-like paints. My work is strongly inspired by the natural world and using natural pigments is just another step towards a more sustainable art practice. The palette I use is completely earth-friendly, human-friendly and animal-friendly, and above all a satisfying way to create art. My artistic technique has evolved and now translates from canvas to Irish linen textiles, stationary and limited edition prints. The essence of my art is that it reflects who I am 100 percent. Every facet of my life is threaded into the canvas of my work. My collection speaks the language, and the sentiments of farm and country life and human compassion. I only hope that my creations stimulate, engage, and inspire both the heart and mind. I now live in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, and document my painting journey and life in a little Irish cottage in the heart of the countryside with my husband Patrick and my little boy Jake.