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Baby Shower

It's such an exciting time!

Check out Cuando's wonderful & unique selection of Baby Shower Gifts. All made with love by makers & designers around Ireland.

Find a unique and beautiful gift to celebrate this very exciting and special occasion. We have an exclusive range of beautifully crafted bespoke baby shower gifts, all made in Ireland.

Personalise the event with a custom -made Baby Shower Tote Bags. If you know the month the baby will be born get a birthstone print by for that month.

See hand-knit cashmere baby booties.

A patchwork quilt is a gift to last a lifetime, embroidered with Baby’s surname.

Go the artistic route with Personalised Baby Shower Word Art. Personalised Pebble Art or Teddy Bear miniature Tile Art.

Also see our range of lovely colourful prints personalised with names and dates.

How about a Message in a Bottle – leaving baby a message to open some day in the future when they are grown. So sweet!

Our range of gifts for Baby Showers is ever-growing. If you would like anything bespoke or have any queries just ask or use our Personal Shopper link above, we would love to help you find the perfect Baby Shower Gift.