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Ró Óg

My inspiration Working with timber and designing objects from timber is not just a hobby but is central to my professional career. I have been fortunate to work where timber is the material of choice for a variety of projects be it for living, working or playing. Used properly timber has an appreciation surpassing other materials, it roots us to our environment cultivating connections from what is grown to what is consumed and our responsibility to pass on what has been given to us while enjoying the fruits of that gift. Ró Óg specializes in designing and making high quality handcrafted timber toys that enhance the effortless development of a variety of skills essential to children. Ro Óg toys have been CE tested, are safe, sturdy and easy to use. The high quality components are assembled with meticulous attention to detail ensuring that the toys are generally maintenance free. They can be used indoors or outdoors and have a specialized wax finish. Other fun toys await development but my focus is on the promotion of the Ro Óg Balance Board, the Ro Rocker and the Ro Óg Runbike. The initial trials and testing are my five children who certainly challenge the requirements of any toy. If they play with it, haven’t broken it or taken it apart then its ready for the market. Ro Óg’s philosophy is to make toys that pass from generation to generation which I believe is achieved by fostering in manufacture, cost effective, creative, eco friendly design solutions.