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Matt Jones Store

Matt Jones, the acclaimed wood turner artist, designs beautiful handmade wooden items for the home. Matt only uses ethically sourced Irish wood such as fallen beech, walnut, ash and oak trees to make his collection of handmade salad bowls, salt mills, pepper grinders, commissioned items and sculptural art pieces. He works from his workshop based in County Sligo, the West of Ireland surrounded by hills, woods and the wild Atlantic sea. This dramatic landscape plays a major part in Matt’s work. “I am fascinated by trees. They are among the most complex natural structures on earth. As a woodturner I am equally fascinated by the material of trees; wood. Wood is flexible, breathable and of infinite use to humans. In fact the history of mankind is intrinsically linked to the tree. In early human societies the tree provided food, shelter and heat. The earliest vessels were made of wood. It is this form that I choose as my subject.”