Irish Bog Oak Badger Hair Shaving Brush


This Irish bog oak shaving brush has been fitted with beautiful silvertip badger hair for a great shaving experience. This is more than just a wood, it is also a piece of history due to its age and heritage.

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Wooden Shaving Brush

This Irish bog oak wooden shaving brush has been fitted with beautiful silvertip badger hair for a great shaving experience. This is more than just a wood, it is also a piece of history due to its age and heritage. Irish Bog oak wood approx 5000-6000 years old. You can read more about its creation below. A badger hair brush is an important part of traditional shaving and this will add a touch of quality to your shaving supplies. Men’s shaving brushes are always a well-received gift at any time of the year.  This one will go down even better if the recipient is of Irish heritage. Custom wet shaving supplies are becoming ever more popular. Men want to take shaving from being a chore, to something that re-energizes them and makes them feel at their best.

Irish Bog Oak and its creation:

The Irish bog oak is my favourite wood to work with. Originally oak, it lay in the peat bog land of Ireland for more than 5,000 years emerging into the Irish sunlight again infused with the colour of the earth. It is a piece of history, not only does it look beautiful, it feels beautiful with a depth of colour like the peat earth that was a home to it for so long.

Irish bog wood also known as “morta” can be described as wood that was buried through time in peat boglands which through the lack of oxygen in the environment managed to preserve the wood from the natural process of decay. Not only is the wood preserved but it is coloured by the tannins naturally present in the acidic environment of the bog.

Where is it found?

Bog woods can found throughout the world. In Ireland the three main types of bogwood that can be found are Yew, Oak and Pine. Bog woods are examples of early fossilasation, and therefore very rare. The Irish bog oaks can be up to five or six thousand years old, as old as the pyramids.The centuries-long process of timber change results in colour alteration from golden-brown to completely black. No two pieces of wood will ever be exactly the same colour.

It is an interesting fact that in Ireland, land has been proven through history to be very important. Ireland harvests fuel from the very ancient peat boglands that preserved these bog woods. The “Turf” is a form of fossil fuel and was originally cut by hand using a turf spade which was back braking work. Even today turf is cut from the earth by people for fuel.
Cutting turf the traditional way down though the layers of earth is like cutting through layers of time. The deeper through the earth, the blacker the turf, until it is almost black. The Black turf “Cloch Mhoin”, meaning “stone turf”Hence the name “ Cloch Mhoin”

Bog woods also become blacker the longer they were hidden in the acidic peat bogs, and also becoming much harder. In some cases almost impossible to cut.

Badger’s hair

Silvertip hair is to be found only in the neck region of the badger. The hair is sorted by hand and stands out because of the pronounced black and white banding on the hair. Silvertip is the highest grade of badger hair and gives the softest as well as the most luxurious natural tip available.

Notes for use

I do strongly recommend drying the handles after use. With proper care, the finish should provide many years of use. All orders outside of Ireland and the UK will be posted as registered postage with tracking info supplied as standard.


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